All You Need To Know About Hltaid003 Provide First Aid Training

Posted on: 5 June 2020


Hltaid003 provide first aid course is designed for people who would want to become first aid representatives at their workplace, homes, businesses or learning institutions. Read the excerpt below to learn more about Hltaid003 provide first aid course. 

What are The Benefits of Hltaid003 Course? 

Medical emergencies such as fainting, cuts, fractures, breathing difficulties, vomiting and choking can occur when least expected. First aid representatives provide medical assistance to people with such conditions. As such, they reduce the impact of the injuries; hence, your business or organisation will not have to lose a lot of money towards compensation claims. Having a first aid representative at the workplace helps improve employee trust and build customer trust. The representatives will conduct a formal assessment to determine workplace risks. A safe workplace is an indication that you mind the welfare of publics that interact with your business. 

Hltaid003 Provide First Aid Course Format

Below are some first aid skills you will learn once you undertake the Hltaid003 provide first aid course:

  • Reaction to medical emergencies. For example, you should conduct some immediate research to know what caused the medical emergency and whether the patient has pre-existing conditions such as allergies that may affect your response.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). For instance, how should you monitor the patient's heart rate? How should you position the patient? How can you prevent chest injuries if the patient is a young child? 
  • Students will learn how to deal with fractures, sprains and dislocations. It ensures medical staff have an easy time alleviating the patient's suffering.
  • You will also learn how to deal with injuries that require bandages. It includes complex tasks such as stitching and disinfecting wounds.
  • Students learn how to manage animal bites, stings and complicated allergies. The course also equips learners on how to manage internal and external burns. 

Preparing For Hltaid003 Training

People that need Hltaid003 training should look for a training institution that customises the program to address challenges that they are likely to face at the workplace. For example, people working in the construction industry face different risks from those that work in large retail stores. Some organisations will provide on-site training at no extra cost. It is especially so if there is a large number of people that require Hltaid003 training.

Expect a formal assessment to determine whether you understand the course material. Assessments may range from group assignments, oral or practical tests.  

You will receive a licence after you pass the assessment. The Hltaid003 provide first aid licence lasts for three years. Some training organisations will provide certificates the same day.