First Aid Courses: All You Need to Know to Start

Posted on: 4 May 2015


Just like you may have seen in the movies, or in real life situations, first aid courses can be life-saving. They impact the knowledge you need to take quick action if someone is in need of medical treatment or just a quick medical intervention. If you are thinking of taking a first aid course, this article will quickly take you through what you need to know before you get started.

What does a first aid course involve?

A first aid course involves theoretical and practical classes. Most courses take a few hours, around 3 to 5 hours. You can choose to go through the courses at a go or you can schedule them over several weeks, depending on your availability. The first aid courses touch on various situations where one may need medical care or life-saving intervention. The training is carried out by paramedics or first aid trainers. Once done, you receive a certificate that shows what you have learnt and which situations you are qualified to handle.

What first aid courses are available?

For easy understanding and choosing, first aid courses are tailored after occupational hazards. You can therefore find courses that focus on:

  • First aid at work
  • First aid at school
  • First aid at home
  • First aid for children
  • Fire safety
  • Sports first aid

When choosing a first aid course, select one that best defines what you mostly engage in. However, some courses such as those touching on home and general medical emergencies are ideal for anyone.

What are the requirements?  

Most first aid courses do not have any limiting requirements. For one, you do not need accreditation to do a first aid course. Anyone willing can enroll. There are no age limits as well; anyone who can understand the course is welcome. For the most part, even children in upper primary and above are applicable. Most courses also attract a fee which varies depending on the course.

Where and how do I get started?

Most training bodies have centers where enrollees can go and get the necessary training. These centers have all the teaching materials and teaching aids needed for a comprehensive learning experience. However, if you have a group of people, such as workers, and have an ideal place to carry out the training, the instruction team can come to you instead. This is common for industrial, commercial and institutional groups. To get started, find a training company like Business Wise First Aid Training near you and make arrangements.

By applying for a first aid course, you gain teachings that can help you save a life. A first aid certificate can also add weight to your CV especially for jobs like drivers and teachers.



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